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CFD is a novel and  risky investment- vehicle described as a deal settement between an individual and a broker to settle in cash  the difference between the opening and closing level of the deal.CFD mirrors the changes of the underlying market prices
A variety of¹ assets may be used as an undrlying instrument like:  a financial index including: Indonesia Index  or the MADX
commodity  of: Natural Gas or   Coarse and  Coffee or   Cocoa Beans and more.
Forex e.g: the USD or even of the  Bolivian Mvdol 
With CFds investors are able  speculate on  stockes of  a variety of  corporations e.g : CF Industries Holdings Inc  or  Cooper Industries 
retail investors can   speculate on  a variety  ETFs including   John Hancock Multifactor Healthcare ETF
Respibsible trading:
Like any other derivative trading
CFDs trading carries disadvantages, Dealing  in CFDs  is very speculative and bears an excessive level of risk and could not be appropriate for  all . investors can retain a loss of virtually all of the cash. investors should make sure that they know the risks and seek guidance from an unbiased and suitably qualified financial expert
hence,investors  should not trade with budget that they simply cannot afford to lose.
Professional traders recognize that:
The common oddities of fruitless traders are :  Lack of edcuation and High objectives
CFD method for   traders to expose their  capital  and also to to  hedge their position.
traders  can use CFDs to trade and speculate on the marketsvolatility  of thousands  2835  assets e.g, currencis ,commodities  and more  regardless of   if  the markets decrease or  increase, improve
CFD oppertunity for  investors to diversify their  capital  and also to to  hedge their position.
speculators  can use CFDs to trade and speculate on the  pricevolatility  of countless  3321  global markets e.g, bonds and more  regardless whether the rates deflate or  climb 
CFD Trading is  an oppertunity for  retail traders to leverage their protofolio and also to hedge their investments
traders can use CFDs to trade and speculate on the value movements of thousands (more than  5958 )global markets e.g,  stocks,indices,commodities etc,  regardless of   whether prices  slump or  climb 
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